This blog post increases risk of breast cancer by 68%

So, I posted this to Facebook this morning and like 8 people Liked it so I figured I’d repost it here for the rest of the world to see. Enjoy.

I just saw a picketer outside of a casino holding a sign that read, “Secondhand smoke increases the risk for breast cancer by 68%.” Honestly, what does that even mean? Does one need to be constantly exposed to secondhand smoke to achieve a 68% greater risk of breast cancer? Does that risk go away when one is removed from exposure? Or, is it referring to any exposure at all, consistent or not? Because if that’s the case, pretty much everyone who ever lived has been exposed to secondhand smoke at some point, which means that everyone has a 68% greater chance of getting breast cancer, which REALLY means that everyone actually has a 0% greater chance of getting breast cancer because EVERYONE has been exposed to secondhand smoke at some time in their life.

I think I’m going to make my own sign now that reads, “68% of all statistics are made up,” and go stand next to this person who is wasting her time fighting a lost cause.


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